Based out of Central Texas.

UnAuthorized Designs started in February 2010 with the initialization and development of this website.
It has been evolving with new knowledge that I am always discovering about the Adobe Creative Suite of programs I have chosen to use for design and execution of my artwork.


Graphic Design

I am very experienced with Photoshop as I have been working with it for the past 9 years to create basic, advanced, and complex; photo edits, illustrations and graphics.

I recently started working with Illustrator about a year ago, but have learned most of it's features extensively in that time. - Even to the point of dropping a Basic Graphic Design class last year because it was indeed basic.


The general use of Photoshop threw me into photography naturally. I've been working with my camera since late 2009 and have amassed around 50,000 stock quality photos since then. I strictly work only with Canon media with my photography and prints as I want them to look their best for the longest. I have invested in a wide range of lenses to acheive impeccable results on any subject, as you can see in my portfolio which is always expanding on the site.
My favorite thing to shoot is baseball by far; one of the things I aspire to be is a Professional Sports Photographer. I find there's nothing more satisfying in photography than the results you can attain with a super-telephoto lens.

Web Design

Currently I only truly know XHTML 1.0, HTML 4.0, CSS2, and I'm starting to work with PHP and other back end languages. I'm waiting for broad device support before launching VERSION 3 of the site in HTML 5 and CSS3. This site will become more dynamic when browser statistics looks up.